Silver Jewellery – More From Us!

Silver braceletWe are always (well…almost, always.  We have a little time off sometimes…) on the prowl for finding more about silver jewellery and when we find new sources, we like to tell people about it.  Shout it from the rooftop, so to speak!

And I must say that there’s a new place that we have been going to with a lot of great information about jewellery fashions, designs.

All articles and more being uploaded all the time and it’s called the Toto jewellery blog.… Read the rest

Amber Rings – New Category Under Construction

People have been asking for amber rings

Amber rings have been requested on quite a few occasions and whether or not we are going to have a collection of them on our website. To be honest, I’m not too sure why we haven’t had this on for quite a while and so we have decided that we are going to pick out the best rings from our suppliers and put them onto Amber zone.

r107 r113 r106 r103

Examples of amber rings that will be on our site soon

This is a work in progress, at the moment but very soon you can expect to see quite a few absolutely gorgeous sterling silver rings set with Amber.… Read the rest

Small Stud Earrings in Amber and Silver

One of the nice things about the range of Amber jewellery we have on the website is a there’s a whole set of items that have different characteristics. Take, for example, the images below. Some of the most popular pieces of Amber are here and the main similarity is that they are all relatively small stud earrings.

circular small stud earringssmall studssmall circular green amber stud earrings

Click on an image to have a closer look!

Small Stud Earrings

Quite a lot of people like to have the earrings with a fairly large Amber Stone and it and yes, they look good but often there are times when big can be a little bit too much and in situations like this, people revert to a lovely pair of small stud earrings set with Amber.… Read the rest

Men’s Jewellery – Brightness, Elegance and Power to Match Your Personality

The Men’s jewellery industry is not as developed or as popular as the industry that aims at manufacturing jewellery for women. Jewellery is mainly considered a feminine embellishment, and this could be the reason why some men avoid wearing very ostentatious or eye-catching jewellery. However, men have been wearing accessories since ancient times, for various reasons, including the desire to display their social status, marital status, or for other cultural related reasons.

Jewellery was initially the symbol of royalty or aristocracy, but in modern times, things have changed: now, men choose to wear different kinds of jewellery, regardless of their social status.… Read the rest

Great Blog – Wendy Brandes

Emoticon stud earrings

Emoticon stud earrings

I’ve got to say that there’s quite a few blog sites out there which are pretty good but I came across one today that really appealed to me and that one is “Wendy Brandes fine jewellery blog“.

Is not just about jewellery but also other subjects as well. Something I like the idea of is that she shows some of the outfits she wears and where she wears it to and she has almost a calendar of outfits.… Read the rest

The Unique Craftsmanship of Stacking Rings – Choosing a More Original Approach

silver stacking ringStacking rings were created to add a new twist to the creative endeavours of ring manufacturers. The fact is that a stackable ring set can offer far more possibilities than any other type of jewellery, as such rings can be worn attached together as a set, and the separate rings can have a variety of design options that blend together perfectly.

If you are looking for a more original approach to wearing high quality silver jewellery and you want to be admired by all those around you for your tasteful purchase, a stacking ring set may be the perfect option for you.… Read the rest

Amber and Silver Drop Earrings

It goes without saying that silver drop earrings are amongst the most popular earrings we have on our website.

amber teardrop silver drop earringsceltic style amber and silver drop earringsamber heart silver drop earrings

Silver Drop Earrings – absolutely beautiful!

A couple of examples of our most popular pieces on this page. The top image of a pair of sweet, teardrop shaped earrings and of about 20 mm from the top to bottom. The middle pair of earrings are about are most popular in the whole store and they are a little bit different because they are in a Celtic style with the flowing, organic lines that jewellery based on the Celts are famous for.… Read the rest

Where To Get Toe Rings?

where to get toe rings

One of the most popular and often asked questions we get with regards to toe rings is…

Where is the best place to get toe rings?

When he first heard the question we are a little bit taken aback because, for a start, we are a website that allows people to buy toe rings. But when be delved a little further into the question, it was discovered that what people really wanted to know is how big a toe ring they should order.… Read the rest

The Beautiful Variety of Designs that Celtic Rings Come With

Amethyst set Celtic ringCeltic jewellery categories include a wide array of high quality, customized designs, and Celtic rings represent perhaps the most popular category associated with these types of products. Because of the old traditions of the Celtic culture, the ring and jewellery designs are also said to go back at least a few centuries, depending on the particular item we are talking about.

The ancient symbolism and intricate designs combine to create a kind of mystic aura around these rings, making them unique and appealing to many of those who appreciate a mixture of beauty and mystery.… Read the rest

Mens Chains – The Accessories That Will Always Be Fashionable

Mens chains became very popular during the hip-hop era, when singers wore large, impressive models to show their revolutionary and unconventional personalities. The trend spread rapidly, and teenagers and adults alike started to wear chains and match them with every outfit they wore. The chains were a statement of independence, a way of showing one’s adhesion to the values of the rap singers and their followers.

Soon, men who had nothing to do with the rap culture began to wear fancy chains as well.… Read the rest